A Journey of 1,000 miles...

begins with a single step.

If that journey is a move, that first step is a survey - or a moving company's salesperson putting together a detailed list of your goods to be moved and estimating the space and weight of your stuff. This process is absolutely crucial to plan a successful move. So what do you do if you want more than one estimate? You get more than one survey.

Three estimates is standard. That's three hour-long appointments, three sales pitches, and three biased looks at your shipment.

Virgil Moves is not a moving company. We are a free, consultative resource for people in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions who need to move. We come into your home, complete a full and impartial survey for your move, and explain exactly what services you need and how the moving process works. You then select three moving companies that we have pre-screened, are licensed, reputable and equipped to provide the type of move that you need. We then provide our survey data to the movers you have selected and they send you a quote. Since all three quotes come from the same survey, you are ensured an apples to apples comparison across all three quotes. Simple.

Our service exists to make the process better, simpler, and much more streamlined for you and to connect good, reputable service providers to customers who need their services. Everyone wins.