Who's Virgil?

Virgil, in Dante's Divine Comedy, was a symbol of reason and a literal guide to Dante as he traveled through Hell and Purgatory, leading him to salvation and enlightenment in Paradise... this is precisely what we do! We are your guide through the hell that is moving. Just like Dante's journey, moving can be perilous with scoundrels along the path that would lead you astray. Like Virgil, we help you arrive unscathed to your brand new life in your new home happier, more content, and wiser from the epic voyage behind you.

“Moving is hell because you don't do it often enough to make it easy. Our mission is to take the stress and anxiety of the unknown so you can enjoy the adventure of your new chapter!”


Living room at home

Why listen to us?

VirgilMoves is the brainchild of Jared Bland, a man crazy enough to spend nearly twenty years in the moving industry.

Organized workspace includes laptop, phone, notebook, pen, and coffee. Ready to search for new homes!
Ready to move into your new home!

Our first question to you is always, "What's taking you to your new destination?" Whether you are moving for an exciting new job, to be closer to loved ones, or just the excitement of a change in scenery - we are driven by what drives you. Then, we help you measure the size and complexity of the move and get you in touch with the handful of movers that specialize in your move so you don't waste your time and aren't harassed by dozens of companies that you wouldn't want in your home.  View Our Projects →


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